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Bodywork & Paintwork

In the beginning there is usually rust, wrong colors, semi professional partial restoration work … and many problems… especially in the detail. That’s when we from HK Engineering start all over again: Separating the wire framework from the chassis, analyzing the parts still usable and what needs to be replicated even manually manufactured and analyzing what parts are missing and then it’s work, work, work!

To get the perfect result in the end, know-how about traditional working skills, long years of experience and a passion for the 300 SL as well as the love for details are required.

That’s why highest accuracy for quality in the smallest detail is the top priority for the 15 car specialists at HK Engineering. In order to turn a contorted body frame into a new car and to build the exact parts to the most minute clearance according to the most strict quality standards, there is no room for compromise of any kind. That’s HK Engineering.